A graduate of Central St. Martins College of Art (fine art- painting, and critical theory), I live, work and mainly exhibit in London.

My work moves between figuration and abstraction and is always changing, charting a kind of personal psychogeography, making ‘mind’ or ‘body into mind maps, charting journeys, half glimpses of places, using text:  everything is allowed so there may be a series of Snoopy in the Air, or in a forest, a Vietnam war scenario, an imaginary film noir, something entirely abstract, although a covert narrative underlies whatever I do.

Drawing is like breathing.

The simplest of means is often best.  I like being armed only with a pencil or magic markers.

In the end it is always about space;  its organisation and transformation. 
I do whatever I want and my art is very serious play with a definite intention, to allow the viewer enough space to to create their own meaning.

diana henebury

Fine artist